Which Will For Me?

Everybody has their own different family situations, different lifestyles and differing ideas on what they want to happen when they pass away.

Therefore we at The WillMaker Group conduct a comprehensive will and estate planning consultation before advising you on your question ‘which will for me?’ making sure that we know what you want to MAKE SURE happens actually does using wills & trusts.

Will Writing Norfolk

There are many different types of ‘Will’ also with many different types of trust.

Several will writing companies having their own ‘trade’ names for certain products when writing a will.

For instance, some companies call a mirror will, a couples will and there are many variations of will trusts including, protective property trust, trust will, severance of tenancy will, will trust, discretionary will trust, property trust will and protective will trust.

A standard single or mirror will, can for most people, take care of basic wishes such as who your executors are, guardianship for children under the age of 18, trustees to look after your children’s inheritance, who will be your beneficiaries of your Estate and any simple funeral wishes.

But if you want to put some protections into place to ensure your loved ones receive what you have worked a lifetime to earn then setting up trust planning (trust wills) within your will can help you achieve this.

Leaving Property

Most people’s main asset is their home and leaving property in trust is very common and can protect from sideways dis-inheritance and care home fees.

Quite often couples opt for a Property Protective Trust so that 50% of the family home drops into a trust but the surviving spouse or partner has a life interest in the property but the children’s inheritance is also protected from either sideways dis-inheritance or from care home fees.

If you would like to find out which will for me? Or the most suitable will for you and your family then please click below and leave your details.