Frequently Asked Questions


Are Will Writers Legal?

The simple answer to the question ‘Are WillWriters Legal?’ is yes, wills produced by professional will writers are legal but the question you should ask: Is the will writer I am using experienced and qualified to give me expert advice about Wills, Trusts, Inheritance Tax Planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Business continuation Planning and all other areas of Estate Planning?

What is the average cost to write a will?

On average, it costs around £220 to write a single will and £350.00 for couples in the UK.
The WillMaker Group only charge £175.00 for a standard single will and £295.00 for a standard couples will.
We can also provide Secure Storage from just £24.00 a year which allows you a Free update service, allowing you to make changes to your will anytime.

All Pricing is + VAT

What should you put in your will?

Our full home, telephone or video link Consultation will guide you through what you will need to put into your will, giving you the chance to set your wishes and MAKE SURE what you want to happen actually does when you pass away. This includes appointing executors and trustees, writing your funeral wishes, naming beneficiaries and setting out how you would like your estate divided up. You will also have the important option of appointing guardians for your children.

What happens if you die without a will?

The Laws of intestacy will have to be followed and people you may not have wanted to inherit do so.

How do you choose guardians for your children?

If there are no surviving parents or adults with parental responsibility, then your choice of guardianship set out in your will then becomes a legal choice. It is totally your choice who you name as guardian but a lot of couples name the children’s grandparents, aunties and uncles, or the parents of their close friends.

Who should I choose as my Executor?

Above all you must choose somebody you trust.
They will have to follow the instructions in your will and deal with financial institutions and HMRC.

It would probably be beneficial If your executor is good at paperwork and managing legal affairs.

If you choose more than one executor, they could divide up the work or you may want to appoint one of your children and a professional as your executors (The WillMaker Group Ltd. Would be happy to act as Executors on your behalf).

When writing your will with WillMaker Online Wills, you will find it easy to appoint your executors and you can choose friends, family, Professionals or a combination of all three.

How would I Update my Will?

When The WillMaker Group have drafted your will and you have signed it, we then offer secure storage from just £20 per annum and this includes free updates to your will at any time.

Is it true that you cannot claim the residence nil rate band (“RNRB”) if the house is in a lifetime trust?

If the house is in a standard lifetime discretionary trust at the time of the settlor’s death then, no, the RNRB cannot be claimed because the home is not passing to direct lineal descendants. However, we do have an option involving a different lifetime discretionary trust, in conjunction with a carefully worded Will, where it is possible to still claim the RNRB. If this is applicable to you, this will be discussed in greater depth.

How do I sign my Will?

To ensure your will is legally binding you need to sign and date your will in front of two witnesses and then they sign and print their details. We provide a signing guide with every Will posted.

How much inheritance tax will I have to pay?

To keep it simple as a single person, if your estate is over £325,000.00 then anything over this will be taxed at 40% for a couple you have a joint allowance of £650,000.00 . On top of this allowance you also have the Residence Nil Rate Band allowance which is now £175,000.00 per person but is only available if you are passing your main residence down to children or grandchildren.
If you believe your estate is more than the above values then we would recommend speaking to an expert advisor from our sister company The WillMaker Group Ltd – Click link and they will contact you directly.

How do I get people to witness my will whilst abiding by the government guidelines during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

After further guidance from the Society of Will Writers and the Law Society.
We would suggest you set up a table in your front garden, thoroughly clean and disinfect the table, get your neighbours to watch from a distance of at least two metres and you sign and date then leave the Will on the table and then stand back at least 2 Metres so the witnesses can then sign and print their details (using their own pen), then they move away from the table and you can pick up your will.

My needs are more complex?

If your situation requires a little more planning, then our expert consultants can help you achieve your goals and MAKE SURE that what you want to happen actually will. We can also introduce you to other experts within the financial sector, to help you with Pension Advice, Equity Release, Mortgages, Insurance, Financial Advisors and many other areas to enable you to have the peace of mind that yours and your loved ones futures are protected.

Can you write your own will?

You can write your own will and you can buy packs from shops or online to help you do this. However, except in the simplest cases, it is generally advisable to use someone who specialises in drafting wills. If it’s not written properly it may prevent your wishes being carried out and can cause difficulties for those left to sort out your estate.

Speak With An Expert

To speak to a will specialist today, please call us on 01362 288582 or email [email protected] to leave your details. A WillMaker Group expert will discuss your own individual situation and answer any questions you have.