Probate & Estate Administration

The role of an executor can be daunting and time consuming.

The WillMaker Group (working with SRA regulated Solicitors) can take the weight off your shoulders and handle the entire probate process should you wish. 

We can also offer a Grant of Probate only service, to allow you as the executor to deal with any financial institutions and execute the Will.

Let The WillMaker Group  guide you through this process and reduce the stress already felt at this difficult time.


Let The Will Maker Group help take the burden at this difficult time. We are experienced probate experts and can guide you through the process of how to probate a will and carry out estate administration. Let us help you through the maze of red tape in a caring, professional and efficient way.

We can provide a Grant of Probate only service or a Full Estate Administration service. Click below to get a completely FREE no obligation quotation, with no hidden extras, at a fraction of the cost of a high street solicitor.

Guiding You Through The Process

Losing a loved one can be a harrowing experience and one of the most stressful times in your life. If you have been chosen as the Executor of a Will (or if there is no will), you will have the task of probate and estate administration. There can be a great deal of work involved in sorting out the affairs of the deceased estate and all this comes at a time of great loss and grief.

We at The WillMaker Group want to help guide you through this process (probate a will) and reduce the burden felt by loved ones left behind.

I don’t know what to do?

Don’t worry, if the deceased left a Will, there will usually be one or more executors appointed to handle the affairs of the estate and therefore Probate with a Will can be carried out.

If there is no Will (intestacy), or if you are not sure if there is a Will, you should seek legal advice. The intestacy laws set out who is entitled to deal with the estate, and also the rules about how the estate is distributed. In either case, The Will Maker Group can guide and advise you on how to probate with a will or without.

We can send an information pack on how to Probate Wills, detailing the duties of executors and trustees.

Why do I have to go to all the trouble of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration?

You may have no choice in the matter. Most estates valued over £5,000 will have to go to probate and certain institutions such as banks, building societies, and insurance companies may not allow assets or property held in the sole name of the deceased to be transferred or sold without Probate.

If there is an interest in a house to deal with, Probate is usually required for this.

If you are an Executor, how can The WillMaker Group help?

The role of an executor can be daunting and time consuming! The WillMaker Group (working with SRA regulated Solicitors) can take the weight off your mind and handle the entire probate process should you wish. Things that need to be done include:

  • Apply for Probate of Will (or letters of Administration where there is no Will)
  • Collect in and transfers all the assets of the estate and pay debts
  • Produce detailed accounts
  • Distribute legacies
  • Prepare all relevant documents
  • Assess any tax liabilities (death duties) and complete Inland Revenue paperwork

Our Many Years Of Experience

The Will Maker Group in association with SRA regulated Solicitors has many years collective experience of how to Probate the will or Letters of Administration and has the legal know how to deal with the estate in the most tax-efficient way, keeping your costs to a minimum.

On many occasions when conducting Probate on clients behalf, we have helped families save thousands in tax but more importantly we have taken a massive weight of families shoulders by undertaking the complex probate and wills process.