What are Lasting Powers of Attorney and what do they do?

Well, they come in two forms: 1. LPA for Health and Welfare decisions Does very much what it says on the tin, it allows for an attorney acting on the donor’s behalf to consent to medical treatments and care decisions Allows for the donor to provide instructions and preferences for how they wish their decisions […]

Power of Attorney Myths

Below are some of the common misconceptions on why a Lasting Power of Attorney may not be necessary. “I don’t need an LPA because my next of kin can make important decisions on my behalf” Not true. No-one can act on your behalf or make decisions on your behalf if they have not been legally […]

The Role of an Executor

What is an executor? An executor is someone appointed in a will to distribute the estate of the testator in accordance with the wishes set out in the Will. Quite often this will mean drawing in assets and paying any debts and liabilities owed before being able to make any of the gifts set out […]

Vulnerable Clients

A couple finds themselves writing their Will(s) as they’re getting on in age and ability, their child a vulnerable individual. Their vulnerability isn’t what’s important here, only that they have care needs, and they are not sure how to take care of their dependant adult child. Sadly, the couple were unaware of Vulnerable Persons Trusts […]

Myth Busting with Wills


Here are 10 common misconceptions about writing a Will: 1. “I already have a will – I don’t need a new one” You already have a will in place. Great! Do you know where it is? Even if you have a will it’s best to keep it under review to make sure that it still […]

Can an Executor be removed?

Executors have a legal duty to administer the deceased’s estate.  They must make sure assets are identified and called in, debts owed by the deceased are paid, any taxes are declared and paid, and the assets are distributed to the right people according to the deceased’s will. Executors are expected to carry out their duties […]

Care Fees

inheritance Tax

We receive many queries daily on care fees assessment and how a home can be protected from care fees and whether it counts towards the means test carried out by the local authority, so we thought we would put together some information for you. Say you are a couple and live in a home worth […]

Hotchpot Clauses

Hotchpot clause

A testator may want to make gifts of money to one or more of their children during their lifetime for a number of reasons, for example to loan money to the child or even assist with a house purchase. The monies would either be given as a loan or a gift by the parent. It […]