Why should i use a Professional Will Writer?

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Using a willwriter, also known as a professional will writer or estate planner, can offer several benefits when it comes to creating a legally binding and well-crafted will. Here are a few reasons why you might consider using a willwriter:
  1. Expertise and Knowledge: Willwriters are professionals who specialize in estate planning and will drafting. They have extensive knowledge of the legal requirements and regulations surrounding wills in your jurisdiction. They stay up to date with any changes in the law and can provide guidance on how to structure your will to meet your specific needs and ensure it is legally valid.

  2. Customisation: Each person’s circumstances and wishes are unique. A willwriter can help you customise your will according to your specific requirements. They can provide guidance on distributing your assets, naming guardians for minor children, setting up trusts, and addressing any other specific concerns or wishes you may have.

  3. Legal Formalities: Creating a will involves adhering to certain legal formalities to ensure its validity. A willwriter can ensure that your will meets these requirements, such as proper witnessing and signing procedures. They can help prevent mistakes or oversights that could render your will invalid or open to legal challenges.

  4. Clarity and Precision: Willwriters have experience in articulating complex legal matters in clear and concise language. They can help you express your intentions accurately and unambiguously in your will. This can minimize the potential for misinterpretation or disputes among your beneficiaries.

  5. Estate Planning Advice: In addition to drafting your will, a willwriter can provide valuable advice on broader estate planning matters. They can assist in minimising estate taxes, protecting assets, and ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries. They can also help you consider strategies like setting up trusts or establishing powers of attorney to manage your affairs in case of incapacity.

  6. Updates and Revisions: Over time, your circumstances or wishes may change. A willwriter can help you update and revise your will as needed. They can guide you through the process of making amendments or creating a new will that reflects your current situation.

While using a willwriter is not a legal requirement, their expertise can provide peace of mind that your wishes will be properly documented and legally upheld. It is advisable to consult with a qualified professional to ensure your will accurately reflects your intentions and meets all legal requirements.

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