Hotchpotch Clauses – Lifetime Gifts and Loans

Hotchpotch Clauses – Lifetime Gifts and Loans A testator may want to make gifts of money to one or more of their children during their lifetime for a number of reasons, for example to loan money to the child or even assist with a house purchase. The monies would either be given as a loan […]

20 Top Reasons to have a Will, Trust or Power of Attorney put into place!

1. Name guardians within your Will to ensure that your choice of who you want to look after your children is legally binding should the worse happen. 2. Protect your children’s inheritance with a Trust Will. 3. Make sure your unmarried partner is provided for by writing your Will. 4. Ensure your Business is passed […]

Restrictions are Easing! It must be time to Make a Will!

With restrictions being eased and the sun shining, it must be time to make a will! With lockdowns having been in place since Dec we may have a list (that has been delayed) of things we want to achieve in the rest of the year, but have you added making a Will to your list? […]

Inheritance Tax and Woodland:

Inheritance Tax and Woodland: Woodland makes up 13% of the land in the UK. According to Forestry Commission research conducted in 2020 73% of that woodland is privately owned and managed with the remainder being owned by the Forestry Commission or other similar bodies. There are three ways that woodlands can escape IHT. This article […]

Why do i need Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Why do I need Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)? If you lose capacity, protections are put in place to ensure that you cannot be taken advantage of. Financial Institutions will freeze accounts and medical and care practitioners will not discuss your care. This can cause your loved ones extra stress and upset at an already […]

How to make a Will?

If you are looking at how to make a Will, then you have many different options: Write your own Will You can write your own will and you can buy packs from shops or online to help show you how to make a will. However, except in the simplest cases, it is generally advisable to […]

Will Writers in Norwich

Will Writers Norwich Dereham

If you live in the Norwich area and are looking for expert and experienced will writers, then you may be wondering who to call? There are many will writers based in Norfolk, some with different specialities. The WillMaker Group can provide a complete will writing and estate planning service, including inheritance tax planning and protection […]

The niche issue of jointly owned property and Lasting Power of Attorney

Property and Lasting Power of Attorney: When a couple is thinking about making an LPA for their property & financial affairs it is quite common for them to want to appoint each other as their attorneys. Often, they want to appoint each other as sole attorneys initially. While they may be happy for their children […]

What is an executor of a Will?

What is an Executor of a will? An executor of a will, is someone appointed in a will to distribute the estate of the testator in accordance with the wishes set out in the Will. Quite often this will mean drawing in assets and paying any debts and liabilities owed before being able to make […]

Legal Guardianship – Who will look after my children?

Who will look after my child/children if I die without a Will? Who would get legal guardianship? If you passed away before they reach 18, have you thought about who you would like to look after them, who will assume legal guardianship? If no one else has parental responsibility for your child and you have […]