Should i make a Will, Trust or Lasting Power of Attorney?

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Should i make a Will, Trust or Lasting Power of Attorney?

When you have a professionally drafted Will, Trust or Lasting Power of Attorney put into place, it will allow you to:

1. Name guardians within your Will to ensure that your choice of who you want to look after your children is legally binding

2. Protect your children’s inheritance with a Trust Will

3. Make sure your unmarried partner is provided for by writing your Will

4. Ensure your Business is passed to your loved ones within your Will

5. Review an old Will that you had drafted years ago

6. Set up a Will Trust to protect from potential future Care Fees

7. Remarry but protect your children’s future inheritance

8. Make sure your loved ones can make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity, allowing them to speak on your behalf to banks, utility companies, other financial organisations, care homes, social services and medical doctors

9. Reduce your inheritance tax liability with a full financial planning audit

10. Protect your vulnerable child and make sure they do not lose their benefits by setting up a trust to provide for them after you have gone

11. Protect your home or assets to ensure that your children receive their inheritance

12. Pass property to your spouse through your Will, because currently it is all in your name (only the first £270,000 goes directly to a spouse if no will in place)

13. Exclude family members because of fall outs and mis-treatment

14. Keep your business running if mental capacity is lost (you can name attorneys just for business purposes only)

15. Set up a Trust to negate the risk of claims being made by excluded family members on your estate after your death

16. Make sure that your partner receives the assets that your actually want them to (co-habiting couples have no legal right to each other’s assets)

17. Change your will if you are going through a divorce or are now divorced, to make sure the correct loved ones inherit. .

18. Ensure that named beneficiaries benefit from your estate

19. Name charitable organizations to benefit from your will and estate

20. Have peace of mind knowing that you have done everything within your power to ensure your loved ones are looked after.

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